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Relanz TechnoSolutions is the emerging database service providers, looking forward to combine the world class Technology, Process Skills and Expertise to meet customer's requirement and satisfaction round the clock.

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IT Enabled Services has dramatically increased over years. It is more being recognized not merely as tool of cost reduction but is also being considered as a management tool for achieving higher Organizational and operational effectiveness.

IT enabled Services is a revolutionary IT offshoot which can look after all outsourcing needs whether it is Database Management, Customer Relationship Management, Finance and Accounting, Data Processing, Document Handling or Call Centers. Outsourcing helps organization to concentrate on its core business. Relanz TechnoSolutions with its IT enabled Services can help organization integrate all the tasks that are not part of Organization's main line activity, and streamline processes by improving operating performance, increased efficiency , productivity, and controlled cost in order to help management to focus on increasing sales and shares, develop new and improved products and enhance customers service and satisfaction.

Management Profile

Mr. Relan leads by example and is responsible for defining strategic visions for the organization and executing those effectively. With his experience over Database Administrations, he understands the customer's requirements, hence knows the importance of valuable deliverables and customer satisfaction. Mr. Relan, along with his technical expertise designs landscapes for expansion in the competitive market, generating and evaluating potential opportunities, with an eye on evolving technologies.

Mr. Relan firmly believes that healthy competition has a very crucial role to play in the growth of the organization. Mr. Relan holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and is Oracle Certified and has worked as a Database Administrator in leading organizations. Today, Kapil passionately leads a young , enthusiastic and an ever growing team which personifies the commitment to quality services, customer's satisfactions, and organizational growth.

Mr. Jignesh is responsible for technology directions, project delivery, and managing the technical staff. Along with his expertise in database technologies he is passionate about SEO, and Technical blogging. He has the expertise to provide technical solutions, as per standard practices and quality. He ensures s timely feedbacks from clients and internal team to improve the project execution processes and quality of service.

Mr. Jignesh also plays an important role in innovating strategies that could help in the growth of the business and focuses on marketing and sales initiatives and brand strategy to ensure the services provided are as per the standards and in sync with the changing market needs.

Mr. Jignesh holds a Master Degree in Computer Application (MCA) and Oracle Certified Professional DBA. He likes to provide proefficient and technical knowledge to gain perfections in DBA to his students.

Apart from his technical world, He is fitness freak and loves fooding, exploring natural places & happiness, meet new peoples and ideas.

Matching Frequencies

At present prime focus of both Kapil and Jignesh is to manage services in this competitive market with a quest to provide cutting edge technology solutions at affordable prices. After years of experience, they started thier new journey as an independent "Database Consultant" and "Database Service Providers" for Oracle, SQL Servers, MySQL and PostgreSQL. They decided to take a call from his current jobs to use their experience and knowledge to build a vibrant organization that would also give opportunities to young minds to grow and innovate.

List of their key client comprises of various organizations across domains like Banking, Education, Manufacturing and other corporate sectors. And have together worked upon high level implementation of technologies in Oracle and SQL Server Database management across various domains like Performance Tuning, Backup Administration, HA and DR, Users and Capacity Planning.

Relanz TechnoSolutions provide organization benefits like

  • Gain a competitive edge.
  • Increase flexibility and capacity.
  • Enhance overall performance.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Manage Security, privacy and risk.
  • Increase market shares and revenues.
  • Better process maturity and resource flexibility.
  • Control cost through significant reductions.

Relanz TechnoSolutions provide excellent service.

  • Strive for excellence.
  • Show transparency in all dealings.
  • Does not compromise on ethical values.
  • Strive to improve by seeking feedback from others.
  • Lead by example through personal.
  • Actively fosters the vision, mission and values of organization.
  • Value its employees as the foundation of its success.

Following can classify as a differentiator.

  • Providing Integrated IT delivery model.
  • Though new and a startup in industry we are determine to mark our presence with the best quality of services.
  • We are looking forward to build a value proposition as a client partner rather than a service provide.

With our services you can:

  • Reduces the cost of hiring the professional DBA in the organization.
  • Pays only for the services (Database maintenance tasks) asked for.
  • Enhance overall performance.
  • Can get on demand services from the experts at affordable cost.
  • Can also get benefits of the newly evolved technologies in the IT industries and databases.
  • Better process maturity and resource flexibility.
  • You get on demand service in case of emergency and timely diagnosis of the problems.

Why Outsource Database Services to Relanz TechnoSolutions

Tough new to the market our experts offer onsite and remote DBA support for your business critical databases. We assure the optimal and potential database performance at low operational costs. Our DBA support team provides the proactive services for your database which includes security management, Troubleshooting, user's error, disaster recovery and many more.

Relanz TechnoSolutions not only provide services for database that run 24*7*365 but also those that run on daily basis. Our proficient DBA team ensures the extreme level of database security without any break down. It means that you get solutions for High Availability for your business critical database.

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