Bulk SMS

As per research 98 percent of Consumer text messages are read. Only 10% of emails are even opened.Eliminate the barrier between your business & your client with Promotional & Transactional SMS – Beyond Texting capabilities.

As per research 98 percent of Consumer text messages are read. Only 10% of emails are even opened. So the texting is best idea to enhance your business promotions and customer’s involvement with promotional and transactional SMS Services offered by Relanz TechnoSolutions.

Relanz TechnoSolutions bulk SMS service allows you to quickly reach out to millions of your customers, prospects and staff within seconds at the click of a button. With our unparalleled features, you can now easily personalize your messages, attach promotional images and PDFs, include web links as calls-to-action, send discount vouchers and coupons, and collect data via mobile forms. What’s more, you can even measure your campaign performance in real-time.

Proven to be more effective than email, bulk SMS is a tool that can support businesses of any size and sector.

Relanz TechnoSolutions can send over 8000 messages per second so no bulk SMS campaign is too large for us.

Whether you are sending sales promotions for your retail store, or promoting upcoming events for a sports and leisure venue, Relanz TechnoSolutions bulk SMS can work wonders for you. Sign up with Relanz TechnoSolutions, talk to our mobile messaging experts and you’ll be surprised with what you can do with the humble SMS!

BulkSMS Solutions are most sought after services for promotions, as today everybody has mobile phone and addressing any concern with text message is the simplest form. Many of the small and medium scale business leverage the benefit of SMS for communication and marketing.

Promotional SMS

It is found that more than 90% of SMS text messages are read within 2 minutes. Just imagine how will this affect your sales?

If you are looking for marketing and/or promoting your product, services or any other business, we offer you the best of the services at an affordable prices with various packages mentioned below.

Our offerings for Promotional SMS are one of the fastest, efficient and cost-effective. You can not only consume these SMS for advertising your products, services and business but also for personal utilizations in flexible manner. With flexible offering available to choose from, you can easily promote your brand with messaging functionality, features and benefits of your goods and services. That too with simple click events. Here’s a glance at some of the very crucial features of our Promotional Bulk SMS Services

Transactional SMS

If your customers look forward to alerts and notification for certain transactions via Text Message. OR You need to notify your employee for his/her deadlines on some projects on regular basis based on certain criteria. THEN Transactional SMS is the best suited for your requirements.

With our offerings you can send transaction SMS to any numbers irrespective to DND Service activations. The only foremost requirement to get started with integrating your application to send Transactional SMS is to have your SMS template and Sender ID approved from us. On validating the template and Sender ID, you can send the SMS via control panel or API provided. Transactional SMS can be utilized in various domains like educations (Schools/Colleges), Banking, Trade and Business using any sort of applications etc.


Compose and send SMS

Go beyond plain SMS texts - personalize them via mail-merge and insert attachments, web links, discount vouchers, mobile forms or surveys as needed. Send your bulk SMS campaign instantly or schedule it for a later date and time.

Add recipients

Upload your existing opt-in customer list into Messenger account, or build an opt-in database by allowing interested customers to text into short codes and long codes.

Manage bulk SMS campaigns

Get detailed delivery reports and click activity for all your marketing campaigns – know exactly who clicked the link at what time, the recipient device details and location and much more. Measure your ROI, know your audience and fine-tune future campaigns.

Send Attachments

We're the first and only mobile messaging provider to offer the capability to attach files in an SMS message.

As you would with an email, locate the file you want to attach from your computer and Messenger will convert this to a clickable link in the body of your text message. Your file will be securely hosted on our server so you don't have to worry about hosting the file online yourself.

You can attach: Microsoft Word Documents (DOC, DOCX), Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations (PPT, PPTX), Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (XLS, XLSB, XLSX, XLTX), Adobe PDFs, JPEG, GIF, PNG images And Others: AVI,MPEG, MOV, MP3, MP4, etc.

Easily share your menus, brochures, spreadsheets, Images and PDFs with customers and track clicks.No additional cost involved for this feature.

Track SMS Campaign Metrics in Real-time

Access granular click reports for all your marketing web links, attachments, mobile forms and more.

Whether you are inserting web links, attachments, surveys, tickets or mobile web pages in your SMS messages, link tracking allows you to capture extensive usage metrics while keeping the URL length in check. These short links not only save precious real estate in your message, but also allow you to benefit from deep insights into your customer behaviour and which campaigns are really paying off. Get detailed reports on the click through rates of your campaigns, who opened the links at what time, the recipient's location details and device characteristics. With more data to describe your customer, you can now take a more fact-based approach while devising your marketing campaigns.No additional cost involved for this feature.

Create Your Mobile Ticket, Voucher, Loyalty Card and Mobile Surveys

Get in touch with us to know more about above.This features are available with additional cost. Survey message cost: 2x

Mobile Website& Website Page Creator tool

A mobile web page or mobile website is specifically designed for the small screens of mobile phones. Mobile websites render their pages in narrow columns and often provide only a subset of the regular website. Mobile web pages can be sent via SMS as a link and do not have character limitations like text messages do, meaning you can send longer, more detailed messages at no extra cost.

Any business of any size can now send much more informative, vibrant and colourful communications direct to people's handsets, for the cost of a text message.No additional cost involved for this feature.

Email to SMS text gateway

Our email to SMS gateway is perfect for sending an SMS text message to unlimited people reliably from any email software, server or CRM application. Send emails to anynumber@bulksms.relanzts.co.in and deliver as a SMS text. No additional cost involved for this feature.

Receive SMS Messages Online

Relanz TechnoSolutions allows you to receive SMS messages online from your customers and prospects using a combination of keywords, short codes and long codes. The received text messages are stored in your inbox and you can easily respond to and manage them using a variety of tools provided.

Customers can reach you for more information or show interest in your product or service via a simple text sent to your inbox. You can configure your inbox either by using keywords on shared numbers or by just using dedicated numbers. With the shared number option, any SMS sent with your keyword (e.g. MyCompany) to a shared short code (e.g. 56263xxx) or a shared long code (e.g. 92205 xxxxx) reaches your inbox. With the dedicated option, any SMS sent to your dedicated short code or long code reaches your inbox.

Adding an inbound text number to your marketing provides an easy, low-cost way for customers to contact you instantly. Shared short/long codes are perfect to use at the start of your bulk SMS and mobile marketing activity, as they are very affordable, while being easy to remember for customers.

Inbound numbers also help you organically expand your contact database! Anyone who sends a text to your inbox is classed as an opt-in for the session and their number will be available in your inbox, ready to transfer to your contact list – saving you time and money buying in mobile data or targeting contacts not engaged with your brand.

Whether you want to expand your contact database or receive replies by two way SMS communications, We has the answer and many of our clients tell us that having a text reply option substantially increases overall response rates.

Get in touch to know multiple ways to receive business text messages as reply from your messages campaigning. Additional cost vary according to requirement.

Terms & Condition – Bulk SMS Service

  • Each SMS contains maximum 160 characters.
  • More than 160 characters will be valued as multiple SMS.
  • 160 characters (including space) send to any Indian mobile is 1 credit.
  • Promotional SMS shall not delivered on DND (Do Not Disturb) activated mobile numbers.
  • Promotional SMS are send/delivered during 9am to 9 pm only.
  • Sender ID will be provided in terms of transactional messages.
  • Sender ID can be maximum of 6 alphabets.
  • Any Charges/Taxes levied by TRAI/Govt. & Any increase in rate by operator will be applicable on unused SMS Credits.
  • Services will be provided subject to TRAI Rules & Regulation.
  • Payment Term: 100% Advance along with the purchase order.
  • The User agrees to provide authentic and true information. We reserve the right to confirm and validate the information and other details provided by the User at any point of time.
  • Any illegal use of the SMS service is strictly prohibited.
  • Messages containing sexual, racist or discriminatory content or any such usage of them may be considered as harassment and you are to be held responsible for this. We are not assuming any liability for the content of messages sent.
  • Company reserves right to make future changes in 'Sales Packages', 'Terms & Conditions', or any other aspect of business due to swift changes in IT Services market place.
  • Your account may be suspended on violation of any TRAI terms and conditions of without any notice.

Missed Call Alert Services


Missed Call Service is a modern day customer connection medium, wherein customers can engage with the products, brands, ads, events, etc. by just giving a single missed call.

Various activities that can be done using a Missed call service are:

  • Lead Generation
  • Toll free interaction
  • Instant Call Back
  • Mobile Number Verification
  • Mobile Polling & Voting


  • Toll-free to end user
  • Missed call will automatically disconnect after one ring
  • Missed call can be instantly acknowledged by Text SMS
  • Configure response message anytime
  • Capture details like User phone number, time & telecom circle.


  • Increase response rate of the campaigns
  • Real time results available
  • Instant acknowledgement via SMS can improve sales conversion rates
  • Capacity to manage large number of Miss calls concurrently


  • Completely Hosted solution. Quick setup.
  • Detailed MIS report customer mobile number, Date & time& Telecom service provider

You need following things to use missed call alert service:

  • Missed call number
  • Missed call balance
  • SMS balance – Transactional

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