Our Services

Globalization has changed all the business etiquette’s and enhanced the complexity level to very large extent. Relanz with its Database Services help you face these challenges in rapidly changing business environment to achieve not only your core business goals but also extract the maximum of benefits from developed IT infrastructure. Remote Database Services provides remote consulting, support and service solutions for your business critical databases. We believe in providing value added solutions to your business and ensure the potential performance and overcome routine databases issues. With Remote Database Services you need not to be worried about Performance bottlenecks, security loopholes and business disruptions.

Our Remote Database Services comprise of team of highly professional experts of Oracle and MS SQL DBA with strong experience in their respective subjects. They ensure the optimal and potential performance of your database by continuous monitoring them so that business doesn’t suffers from any unwanted and unexpected disruption for your database running on any Operating System Platforms.

Database Administration tasks are to be performed at various levels from planning to deployment and Maintenance. During these various phases not only database related tasks are concerned but also various entities are to be taken of. These comprises of Hardware, Networks and System level entities. We ensure proper decision to be taken at every level for proper execution.


Requirement Analysis & Capacity Planning for your database

Help you find out the Hardware (Servers and Disk requirement), Operating System Platform, and other database related administration tools and software are suitable as per your operational needs and best suit your IT budget.


Designing Database

Design logical and physical Structure for your database, Make sure that tables in database are normalized and have proper Indexing. Help application developer understand the database structure and write the optimized and least cost effective query to fetch data.


Performance Monitoring and database Tuning

Once the database in production environment, we help you continuously monitor database for its optimal performance, find out and overcome the routine issues or errors, performance bottlenecks, security loopholes and various such issues that may harm database performance.


Resource Monitoring

We make sure that various resources are utilized properly and are available to validated users as and when required. For example we can find out the top 10 CPU consuming SQL Statements and optimize them to utilize the resources properly. We can restrict the resources utilization on user basis as well.


Health Check

With ever evolving technologies, there arise the need to upgrade the systems to advanced version of database. Also hardware’s are subject to up gradations, hence migrating your environment to new one. We can help with Zero Downtime Upgrades/Migrates with the help of various technology solutions available.


Backup & Recovery Services

Database Backups are primary steps towards database availability in the event of database failures and system crashes. We help you design the Zero-impact Backup solution for your database. These services include the backup policies, backup scheduling, and backup verification’s, to be designed in such a way that they won’t affect the database performance.


Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data being heart and soul of any business, continuity and high availability is primary need for any business. With the present solutions available for High Availability and Disaster Recovery, we can help you implement the solutions and achieve business continuity.