This morning I came across a very good proverb

?The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.? ? Ray Kroc

And my mind started thinking of various qualities of successful leaders and businessmen. So far much has been talked about, written about them. Looking at their work, contributions, and achievements. They are known for setting standards for others. But this proverb gives us realization that they are not setting standards for others to follow but they are following standards they have set for themselves.

For sure values matters most to leaders. Its really important for us to understand what matters most for us. One can define the success in terms of current status but no one can define the values behind the unsaid efforts, unexpressed pain, and the agony of sufferings which came along the way of success. I can only say that, what keeps them moving is never ending zeal within blended with values that they are standing for. Values may have different meaning to different people.

Values, when I see from my perspective, I would define values as your principles in life without which your life is meaningless. Each one can have their own principles they lead their life with, but they stand by them whatever come their way. They are incomplete without it. Whatever walks of life they are in personal, professional, business etc. Values bring your life in harmony which gives one bliss that no money can guarantee.

For businessmen it’s not only important to have proper understanding of business, market world, strategies etc., but also it equally important to practices values and ethics. Values gives them meaning to grow. Why you want to prove you are the best, because you know the values of your product, your service. And value to serve. Organizations can grow not only when they are have good values for customer satisfaction, best of the services, also when they follow human values towards their employee who are the main heroes of success. If you say client focus is required for business to grow, I would first value my employee to inspire confidence and trust in others, create an environment that supports innovations, learning and experimentation, would investment my time in reinforcing the curiosity and challenge the status qua. Make them passionate to go beyond the expectations in job or assignments or projects, team spirit and inspire others with level of enthusiasm and engagement with all stakeholders.

The next questions or the statement after reading would pop in our mind will be, this is all we are learning and reading since ages, but how do we impose and follow values. I would again redirect it to proverb at the start.

Set and Follow the standards that you want other to follow. The simple way to expect quality from others is deliver the same standard quality first.

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